Sulphur Gates

One of the most popular attractions to the Grande Cache area, Sulphur Gates is an impressive cliff edged confluence of two rivers: The Smoky and the Sulphur. Dramatic rock formations adorn this site and define the two rivers in stark contrast.There is a short trail taking one around all the viewpoint platforms along the cliffs. Please stay behind the protective guardrails and wear good footwear, as some areas can get slippery.

To get to Sulphur Gates, head north on highway 40 for approximately 5 km and immediately after the old blue bridge turn left on the well marked gravel road with the sign ‘Sulphur Gates’. From here proceed another 8 km and park in the public staging area.  Large RV's/campers may need to park in the commercial staging area and walk toward the public staging area.  Sulphur Gates also has a small campground, picnic and horse staging area.

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