Winter Maintenance


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Snow Plowing

The primary goal of Public Works is to provide safe and orderly movement of vehicle traffic, equipment, and pedestrians throughout the community during winter months.

After a heavy snowfall, please remove your vehicle from the street so our operators can do the best job possible clearing the streets. Snow plowing will commence once snow on the ground has reached 4-6 inches.

Please contact Public Works if you have any concerns.


Priority 1: Emergency Protection, RCMP, Ambulance and Fire

These agencies shall be given the upmost priority for snow removal services.

Major artials – Hoppe Avenue, Shand Avenue and Swann Drive

Priority 2: Residential Streets

Priority 3: Downtown area, mall, parking lots, industrial area, Grande Cache Landfill road, Water Treatment Plant access, Wastewater Treatment Plant access, Victor Lake Pumphouse access, and sidewalks.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Public Works will clear snow from all non-residential sidewalks. It is up to the occupant of land to remove snow on their sidewalk within 48 hours of the snowfall, as per Bylaw No. 774.

When clearing your walkway and parking area, please deposit the snow on your property.

Find out about Adopt-A-Driveway Program - A Program that encourages residents to be good neighbours and help those in need with snow removal.  The program is looking for Volunteers and if you need help with shovelling your snow, please contact FCSS at 780.827.4336

Salting & Sanding

A salt-sand mixture will be applied to roadways to assist in providing traction where there is snow/ice on the roadway. Critical areas such as hills, curves, and intersections are sanded as needed.