Weed Control


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Did you know that Grande Cache is home to prohibited noxious weeds?
Plants are considered "noxious” when they spread uncontrolled, are difficult to manage, and are invasive in nature.

These plants:

  • Alter natural habitat;
  • Compete with our native plants;
  • Affect animal, insect, and bird species and
  • Are costly to control

Prohibited noxious weeds are to be controlled as required under the Alberta’s Weed Control Act.

As of 2016, the Town of Grande Cache has implemented a Weed Control Program which is exercised twice a year, once in the summer and again in the fall. The program generally takes four to six weeks, and involves; spraying, pulling, bagging, and burning prohibited noxious weeds. The mild herbicide used to spray weeds is Milestone by DOW AgroSciences.

Is Milestone safe?
Milestone is the most flexible and mild herbicide available. It does little-to-no damage to grasses, or other key members of the native plant community, allowing restoration of native habitats to their full potential. After application, the area sprayed is completely safe once the area has dried. Should you have any questions or concerns about this product, please see the MSDS sheet attached below or contact Public Works at 780.827.3611.

How will I know when they are spraying?

Before the program initiates, a Public Notice will be issued via Newspaper, social media and the website. Signs will be placed along the areas being sprayed.

What if I have prohibited noxious weeds on my property?
All landowners have the responsibility to control prohibited noxious weeds on their land.
If you find prohibited noxious weeds on your property, you are encouraged to spray, pick, and bag the weeds.
After the weeds are bagged, contact Public Works to collect and dispose of the invasive plants safely.
For more information about prohibited and noxious weeds, please view the "Alberta Invasive Plant Identification Guide.”