Wastewater Treatment


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The Department of Public Works & Utilities is responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing the Town’s wastewater infrastructure. This includes sewer mains, manholes, service connections, and waste water management.

Services Provided

  • Weekly wastewater testing and daily management
  • Yearly sewer line maintenance inspection and maintenance
  • Response to sewer backup complaints
  • Sewer rehabilitation and replacement


Trailer Dump Site

The trailer dump station is accessible year round, and can be found in front of the Public Works building located at 9706 Shand Avenue.

Please be advised the water services to the Town’s trailer dump sites are open for the season starting in May and close in October. This is dependent on weather and temperature.


Sewage Receiving Station

Grande Cache provides a sewage receiving station for commercial businesses. Please contact 780.827.3611 for forms.