Passport to the Peaks


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Passport to the Peaks program celebrates the beauty of the area by identifying the ring of mountains that surround the town.  The 21 mountain peak hiking incentive program is divided into Bronze, Silver & Gold categories, depending of the level of difficulty to reach the summits.

Purchase your Passport to the Peaks book at the Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre. There are cairns on each of the 21 mountain peaks to stamp your Passport once you reach each summit! When you complete each group of peaks, you will qualify for a distinctive pin.  Your accomplishment will be recognized on the website and in the Grande Cache Tourism & Interpretive Centre. 


twin peaks 


hayden ridge

mt hamell


Gold medalPehonansah (Elevation: 2294m/7525 feet)

Gold medal Silver Tip (Elevation: 2616m/8583 feet)

Gold medal G3 (Elevation: 2332m/7650 feet)

Gold medal Square Mountain (Elevation: 2080m/6825 feet)

Gold medal Kakusska (Elevation: 2370m/7775 feet)

Gold medal G6 (Elevation: 2370m/7775 feet)

Siler medal Mount Mawdsley (Elevation: 2134m/7000 feet)

Siler medal Mount Russell (Elevation: 2354m/7725 feet)

Siler medal Mount McQueen (Elevation: 2286m/7500 feet)

Siler medal Mount Braithwaite (Elevation: 2362m/7750 feet)

Siler medal Volcano Peak (Elevation: 2141m/7025 feet)

Siler medal Lightning Ridge (Elevation: 2484m/8150 feet)

bronze medal Ambler Mountain (Elevation: 1905m/6250 feet)

bronze medal Grande Mountain (Elevation: 1988m/6529 feet)

bronze medal Flood Mountain (Elevation: 1826m/5990 feet)

bronze medal Mount Stearn (Elevation: 2013m/6600 feet)

bronze medal Mount Louie (Elevation: 1852m/6075 feet)

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